What Clients Are Saying

Brenda was extremely professional and helpful through out the entire process !! My family and I had a great experience dealing with Brenda , Jennifer and the entire staff at Century 21 Classic Gold


Brenda is the Best...!!! I have had Brenda Titus handle all our Real Estate sales for over 25 years and have 100% success in selling property at the fair market value advised by Brenda. She handles all negotiations with the interest of all parties so we all walk away feeling completely satisfied.

Peter - happy Middleboro seller!

Overall, I would say this has been the best experience selling a home for me. Brenda is kind, personable and trustworthy. About 10 years ago, I was looking to buy a home, Brenda took me several times out, but nothing stood out to me. I gave up on buying and then a few months later happened upon my home in Carver and called the number from the sign and bought the house with another broker. I felt bad that Brenda had spent so much time and energy with me and I did that. I bumped into her one day after that and when I told her I had found a home, she was genuinely happy for me. She displayed to me that day, a woman who was confident and professional. That day stuck with me for the ten years. When I decided to sell my home, I knew who to call. My husband wanted me to use his broker, but I insisted it had to be Brenda. Thank you Brenda and Jen, what an awesome team!


For anyone who has never felt a connection with their real estate agent and felt they didn't understand your needs, then they haven't experienced working with Jen Knight.
Where we found that some agents were pushing for a commission, Jen never mentioned any binding contract at first sight. Instead she had a acute sense for our needs, deadlines, and financial situation.True, honest, and reliable are just a few words that describes how we felt with Jen. The closing process was easy because of her clear communication of what would be expected! I would recommend Jen Knight and Brenda Titus because you will never want another agent after working with them! 

Laura and Matt

Brenda and Jen were amazing throughout the process of selling my condo and buying our new house. This was my second time working with Brenda as she helped me buy my condo 4.5 years ago. Both Brenda and Jen were able to be reached at all hours, on weekends, and answered my many questions and dealt well with my anxiety and stress over some issues that popped up with my condo while it was on the market. They knew the area well, and found us a great house. Brenda did some amazing negotiating for selling the condo and made sure that I was getting exactly what I needed before we signed a contract with the buyer. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends or family looking to buy a house on the South Shore, and my parents are already planning to work with Brenda to buy their next house!


The recent sale of our property was a long and arduous task with many frustrations and delays along the way.  Brenda Titus was instrumental in keeping the sale on track and maintained a high level of commitment to the buyers and sellers needs, maintaining constant contact throughout the process.  She has a hands on approach that gets positive results along with a real knowledge of the market place and the needs of the client.  If we had to do this again, we would want Brenda Titus in my corner.  

Carolyn and Greg

I can't recommend Brenda highly enough.  She helped my fiancé and I find and close on our very first home and we couldn't be happier.  From the open house where we met her, through numerous showings and then of course our purchase Brenda was supportive, responsive, helpful, enthusiastic, caring and all around a pleasure to work with.  I honestly wish I could give her a score higher than 10.  Thanks Brenda

Sarah and Bjorn

Brenda was the consummate professional, handling every little detail impeccably.  She was always available to answer any of my questions no matter how redundant they may have been.  Her intuitiveness on when we placed out house on the market was dead-on as indicated by a fast sale. I would recommend Brenda highly and would use her again; although I am hoping this move will be our last one!


I can't say enough good things about Brenda.  She worked very hard to close the deal.  She is professional and knowledgeable.  I would recommend her to anyone. 


Both Brenda Titus and Jen Knight were phenomenal representative of what Century 21 stands for - professionalism, courtesy, respect and delivering on a promise.


I wouldn't hesitate to use Brenda or Century 21 again.


Brenda was available it seems like 24/7. SUPER responsive. She has a keen sense of Carver Real Estate. I bought this house with Brenda's help and I sold it with Brenda's help so I have been on both sides of a transaction with her. I will use her again when I have the opportunity.

Roger - happy Carver seller!

Through my positive experience with Brenda and Century 21 Gold, and my recommendation; Brenda has completed about eight real estate transactions for my family and friends at this point.They have all been happy with their results.She is a not only a very nice person, she is a great realtor!

We bought a very challenging foreclosure. Brenda was a ten out of ten all the way.



Buying and selling a house is complicated, confusing and stressful. Working with Brenda Titus made this experience much more comfortable and she educated us on every step of the process. She is always professional and is committed to understanding the needs of her client. It is not just a business transaction for Brenda, it truly felt like a professional relationship. I would recommend Brenda Titus to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home as she will spend the necessary time for that individual to achieve their needs. 


I guess you could say that our Realestate situation was problematic on every level. We had a tenant that was not cooperative. A difficult buyer. Zoning issues, etc.. There were many times in the past few years that we actually considered a short sale or even worse, having the property fall into foreclosure. We had listed the property with another Broker prior to listing with Brenda and Century 21, but to no avail. We just couldn't get a deal to stick. After a couple years of this, we decided to try it one more time, and I'm glad we did! Brenda was fantastic! Throughout the entire process, she kept us in the loop with everything. She worked out every issue that we had with the tenant and buyer. She worked through multiple extensions and kept us positive even when we thought that the deal was never going to go through.  I don't think I can encapsulate in one paragraph just how satisfied we were with Brenda on every level. In Closing. I would highly recommend Brenda Titus, Jen Knight and Century 21 to anybody who is in the same situation that we were in. OUTSTANDING JOB!!!! 


Brenda was straight with us on what needed to be improved to pull the most profit.  She was honest with us during the entire process.  We made the improvements suggested and were able to price the property above what we expected.  We had 2 offers at asking price which were able to sell to one of them at asking price.  It could not have worked out better.  Brenda is the best and I would not deal with anyone other when coming to real estate.  


Brenda Titus and her office did an amazing job selling our home.  We couldn't have been more satisfied with the effort, and time Brenda put in for us.  Brenda gives off pure confidence that she will sell your home and gives the impression that you are her only client, that made us feel very special and confident that she would sell our home.  We are very impressed on how quick it sold! She knows her job because she genuinely loves what she does.  We couldn't thank Brenda and her team enough for all of their hard work.  We are so happy that our home sold but saddened that we won't be expecting her phone calls anymore! Best real estate agent around!!


Brenda and Jen were the best!!! I could not have asked for better service. It was the best service ever! I love them both!!!!


After 10 months on the market with no showings, I switched to Brenda Titus at Century 21 Classic Gold.  Brenda came in and showed me how to stage my home and within 2 weeks the house was being shown frequently - even in this market.  And within 2 months of switching to Brenda my house was sold.  What a difference!


Nearly two years before we actually listed our house we contacted many real estate agents, anxious to have our unique, antique home on a pond appraised. Many realtors came through the house and gave us selling tips and possible asking prices. Brenda appealed to us immediately because she was both very professional, very candid, very thorough, and very personable. Though she praised the beauty and many merits of our property she alerted us to important facts: "Your house will need a unique buyer; some things should be put in storage so a buyer can really see the space that is here; it may sell quickly but it may take a while." When we finally did list the house, it was with her because we liked her the very best and instinctively know we could work well with her; we were never sorry. As it turned out, the selling market had slowed and yes it did take a long time, but she and her assistant never gave up. During the 7 1/2 months it took to find the right buyer she never let up, trying all sorts of unique and well-known advertising techniques, staying in touch and encouraging us. She was always open to our suggestions, as we were to hers. There are many good realtors out there but we know that Brenda Titus is one of the very, very, best. We are proud to of done business with her and would be glad to give a more detailed testimonial to anyone who wishes to contact us.

Caro and Peter